Monday, February 28, 2011

World Of Warcraft and me

I played World Of Warcraft few years but soon after cataclysm release I just stopped playing. I just found the game isn't worth of the monthly fee, it was boring grinding (grinding = more money for Blizzard) and it don't have that much to offer for me now.

What I miss most is the social aspect of game, I were in good guild with nice people. We did pretty good progress too, but I think it demands too much time.

Blizzard has done exellent desing in WoW, the way it has good ability to bind people to play it for fairly large amount of time if you want to have even small things done there. I also think the achievment system is just stupid system, because some idiots think they actually mean something, but they don't. It's just annoying way to bind more time for WoW.

                                          - Halfus at december 2010 ( I'm druid tank)

Not that raiding should be easy, but it could be done better way.
For example I was main tank in our guild, so if I had some urge to leave at middle of raid, I felt really bad since it pretty much ment that whole raid stopped, if there wasn't some another good tank around for progress raid.

But I may still buy some gametime and check how's guildies doing, maybe when Tier 12 comes around.

- Noock

Valve in digital distribution markets

Forbes magazine says Valve is market leader in digital distribution, selling around 50%-70% games of whole market.

Most important thing in succes of steam is the developer friendliness. Developers will get about 70% of profits when game is sold in steam. Now within traditional market this number is around just 30% and thats big reason why large group of developers are favouring Valve.

Also players favor Steam, it is exellent platform for games shopping, community creation and is constantly getting better.

- Noock

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mass Effect

Few friends of mine are huge fans of Mass Effect series and have pushed me to try it too. I only tested it for maybe for hour.
The story seems interesting but the combat mechanics seemed bit boring, but I can't judge it yet.

Overall first impression was good, I'll continue playing. See if it deserves the praises it has received.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Funny pic of the weekend

Haha look at them! SO SMUG! Wooahh! and they are so badass, riding without any kind of helmet or reflector! And they just don't care about police!

But anyway, why can't people look as carefree nowadays as those guys?

Friday, February 25, 2011

About bloggin

I read some random blogs out and found was some quite interesting. I like blogs that have some well written stuff and maybe relevant to my interests.

 I will try write about my interest (games, movies and that basic stuff, but also:) shortly and more interesting way (awesomenice!), so maybe someone reads few posts.

Awesome new blog detected

So I'm starting this new blog. I will be posting about -ö5lhi1tjvm-  I mean... well you'll see.