Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scamville AKA The Social Gaming ecosystem from HELL

     "The real story isn't the business success of these startups. It's the completely unethical way that they are going about achieving that success."

Notorius FarmVille developer Zynga has launched a new promotional site called RewardVille which gives players additional in-game items in return for zCoins.
Zynga's in-game currency is based on the experience point style zPoints, which are used to increase a player's "zLevel". Eventually this unlocks the ability to earn zCoins, which can now be traded for items on RewardVille.

And that is just evil system, completely designed to make as much $ as possible without loosing too much  gamers, who actually notice how bad the games actually are.

Yeah... zynga designs those games the way you WANT to buy all the best stuff you can get with real money. Think about it, people buy this virtual shit with few million dollars everyday, just in farmville!
I want people see how lame this kind of businnes is.

I don't say you shouldn't shovel money to Zynga if you want to, but if you have come to the point in life where you pay for virtual stuff in shitty game, I recommend crashing your computer.

Micro-transactions (I hate them, you should too), which over time brings much more money than actually buying a game. People just don't notice how much money they will put overtime in the pockets of owners.

If you want to play game like farmville that is much better and won't make you buy stuff, try Minecraft.

Here's nice article also about zynga:

- Noock


  1. Wow I never thought of it that way.

  2. Well, if idiots like to spend their hard earned cash on virtual stuff, so be it...

  3. The exposure to gaming in general that social gaming is bringing, I hope will bring over a few converts. Aside from that, Minecraft > Farmville. It's not even close, or a fair fight.

  4. this is so wrong, but the people who play this are idiots.

  5. micro transactions are the bane of a gamers existence. Farmville is just flat out terrible.