Thursday, March 24, 2011

Virtual goods market...

So some Australian games site wants to create this website where you could buy pointless virtual stuff.

"Trading of various in-game equipment and perks, for titles as diverse as Farmville and World of Warcraft, already takes place on the site's forums, but site founder Roy Hui hopes to turn that trading into a business model.  "

                         "AWESOME! This is even more fun than virtual stuff!" ...I guess

“Initially looking at the more hardcore gamers, they really want the super-duper noble 21 platinum horse. They've been trying two weeks to get it but there isn’t an efficient way to get that horse — we’ll give them a more efficient way of getting it.” 

  - I would rather say people who wants to buy superdupernoble21platinumhorse should seek help.

I think it's pretty lame bussinesmodel, feels they are bit desperate for some $ ideas.
Theres no need to try make businnes from everything.

I'm not even sure will they sell the trading game card prizes for WoW or those in-game pets Blizz sells itself ? There's already sites trading TCG prizes and why should Blizz take third party for selling in-game pets.

Not that someone even should buy one... Also as I posted earlier, Zynga had his own scamshop opened.


  1. The biggest issue with this isn't if it is used as intended, someone with spare money is willing to buy something optional and mostly cosmetic... I don't see it as all that different from custom finishes for equipment or other sparkly bells and whistles for any hobby. The problem is how many of these transactions are made by people who are addicts, and who can't afford them.

  2. Great post! Was a really good read! thanks for sharing!

  3. I can't believe hundreds of such sites don't already aexist. And of course I agree with your point.

  4. there are too many crazy people out there XD