Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Iwatas concerns about quality games in future

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata recently talked about concerns of game developing in future.

Now to talk again about social network games and mobile gaming, the publishers are not interested about the quality of games they will deliver to markets.
Nintendo/PS/Microsoft etc. gaming only platform manufacturers do care, but Iwaka is concerned the rising of social network games and smartphone apps.

"Their goal is just to gather as much software as possible, because quantity is what makes the money flow - the value of videogame software does not matter to them." With value the quality would increase.

A few games do become mega-hits, but it's not easy. With such competition, even being noticed is extremely difficult - huge investments promise nothing. Now, consider this. The corresponding number of games available to download from app sites is in the tens of thousands. Game deveploment is drowning.

"Why is this happening? To answer, it's necessary to understand two very different ways of looking at our business, and these approaches focus on a single question. Is maintaining high value games a top priority, or not?"

Ultimate thought Iwata described what, in his mind, was an effective solution to the challenge in a single word: "Innovation."

I don't think the problem is as big as Iwata describes it, but it can take down qualitity at least in future.


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  2. I can see how people are migrating to quantity over quality, I just hope that companies will still make quality video games in the future.

  3. I'm afraid the problem is at least as big. The only solution is probably such amassing of developers, their games and means to easily buy/download them, that the middle man is completely cut off. It won't mean best games to sell best, but will give them a chance to sell well, with increased meaning of game experts. So overall, there is a chance, but there are difficulties too.

    And yes, I might be talking about your beloved call of duty :)

  4. Maybe we will have another video game crash and another milestone of gaming will arise to mend it...

  5. Most of my favourite games are classics, Star Ocean 2, FF7, and look at what people nowadays play and calls deep, FFX, Star Ocean: the last hope, persona 3 and 4. Back then content was taking seriously, today people just slam a bunch of flashy mindless grinding stuff together, I don't know but I just haven't enjoyed any games for the last few years besides mmorpgs.

  6. Well unfortunately smart phone gaming isn't what it should be just yet. It's still relatively simplistic, and most people with simple programming knowledge can make their own games. Same goes to say with Facebook apps. Perhaps once phones can make more complex games there will be better quality titles released.

  7. I'm not sure the problem is as big as he makes it out to be, there's always been shovelware, developers making crappy games real fast... but the cream always rises.

  8. honestly i game more on my ipod touch than any other portable gaming platform.

    but yeah I'm scared that people will make games for money rather than for the art form.